An awesome microscope for looking at coins



If you’re a coin collector, you’re probably into looking at your coins once in a while. That’s my case as well, although I can hardly call myself a collector per se as I’ve inherited a small number from my grandparents and have been gathering coins from my friends when they went on vacation.

Some people have a thing for fridge magnets but I like it when buddies go to Europe, for instance, and bring me a small bag of change. If they go to Australia, Africa, or other continents, even better as those places have a coin for every country. What can I say about those in Asian countries? I have never seen one for real in my life.

The fact of the matter is that I was in need of a good-quality microscope with the help of which I could look at my coins when I had some time off. I started by looking for the right research references so that I make sure that I buy the right product. Something that struck me about Amazon and other websites like this is that they don’t have any professional options with smaller magnification ranges.

Instead, they sell a lot of cheap digital microscopes that may be good to some extent, but they have certain limitations. For example, if you’re set on getting a USB model, you’ll be able to utilize it only when there’s a laptop or computer around. Most of the cheapest units I’ve personally encountered can’t be powered using a regular outlet. They rely on the juice they get from your laptop, for instance, which might be inconvenient if you don’t have one at hand or if you’re at some other place than your home and you haven’t brought your laptop along.

I honestly had to think things over a lot because I wasn’t willing to invest close to one thousand dollars in a microscope that did the exact same thing as a portable version. Making my mind up was rather hard, and I have to tell you that because the model that I was considering was the Richter Optica S2D-SPS. However, since it costs so much, I had to drop the idea of getting it all together. The AmScope SM-2TZ-9M was about seven hundred bucks, and I thought of purchasing it, as well.

In the end, I decided to get a cheap one at the beginning and maybe upgrade later on. The unit that I selected was the Plugable USB 2.0. It’s very easy to use and that’s part of what I was focused on because it was pretty obvious to me that I could take it to family gatherings and entertain some of the kids there. All in all, I feel like a made a decent investment because it didn’t cost too much money and it’s compatible both with Windows and Mac computers, which is a plus. While I have a Windows personal computer at home, I take my MacBook Air with me everywhere I go.