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    If you’re a coin collector, you’re probably into looking at your coins once in a while. That’s my case as well, although I can hardly call myself a collector per se as I’ve inherited a small number from my grandparents and have been gathering coins from my friends when they went on vacation…. Read Article →

    I recently got into using a microscope thanks to my sister, Susan, who I’ve mentioned in some of my past posts. She got me one as a present for my birthday, and boy, am I excited to get the most of it. I’ve watched some tutorials on how to use the model I’ve… Read Article →

  My sister has been a microbiologist for more than a decade and she’s the manager of a laboratory. From the talks that we have had in the past, I’ve figured out that she’s been having trouble getting the best equipment for the lab she works in as there are many retailers and at the… Read Article →

    My wife and I decided to buy a brand new telescope for our daughter and ourselves to enjoy on clear nights. The problem is that we don’t have too much knowledge about these products, in general, and so we found ourselves taking to the internet to find out articles which are describing on… Read Article →

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